Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why do hairdressers wear rubber gloves when colouring hair?

Ive always wondered thatWhy do hairdressers wear rubber gloves when colouring hair?
To avoid staining their hands.


Hairdressers color many heads every week.Why do hairdressers wear rubber gloves when colouring hair?
it is so that the dye doesn't penetrate the skin. The actual hair product may be harmful to skin, but then again you are putting it on your hair when it may infact become quite close to the scalpe. They obviously don't want to completely cover their hands in dye as then your hands become stained and this is why all hairdressers wear gloves when dying hair. Hope this helps:))
Because just that. It stains skin. Hairstylists do color every day, not once every year, and since it stains skin, They will have to walk around with really stained hands for most of their career. And it might irriate the skin, like off the scalp bleach. It burns the skin.
Omg! are u seriously asking this question?

Dude, they don't want to have their hands staind as their next customer comes in for a hair cut which doesn't require wearing gloves! also, some may have a reaction to the chemical just as u may when ur head starts to feel itchy duh!
yes because there is chemicals in the dye and to get hair dye off is a *****. so if they didn't wear gloves their whole entire hand(s) would be covered in dye.
Because as they are dyeing people's hair every day, their hands wouldn't just be stained for a day but all the time.
they do it so they wont get the dye on their hands
I think they just don't wanna' get it on their hands. ^^
yes, it's so the chemicals don't penetrate the skin..
you just explained it in your question. they dont want their hands stained

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